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Transportation Solutions.

Transportation Solutions is our newest department that targets problems all over-the-road drivers experience and we are very excited to introduce this service to the market!


Have You Missed an Appointment?


Prominent Logistics LLC. Provides a solution to your missed appointment! You can give us your rescheduled freight, we will deliver it for you whenever your new appointment is, so that you can get on your way. 


Need A Load Reworked? 


Do you have a load that needs to be delivered but must be down-stacked, is in the way of another load, or just needs to be better secured? We can help! Visit our warehouse and we will provide for you whatever reworking service you need.


Do You Need Additional Space or Temporary Storage?


Are you stuck with freight from your missed delivery appointment? Is this freight blocking other appointed freight that must be delivered? We can store your freight while you make other appointed deliveries and/or handle the delivery for you.

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